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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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in 2008. he was secretly recorded telling donors that many on the right cling to guns and religion. vice presidential candidate paul ryan uses that comment frequently in his campaign appearances. this was in des moines, iowa. [indiscernible] >> reporter: romney did not retract anything he said in the video. he does admit it was not elegantly stated. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the obama campaign is already trying to capitalize on romney's statements. the campaign sent out a fund raising letter last night highlighting his comments and asking donors to give. the u.s. is suspending military patrols with afghan forces. the order means most u.s. soldiers will not interact with their afghan counterparts until further notice. the decision comes as a result of a spike in what's called green on blue violence, incidents where afghan soldiers have attacked coalition soldiers. 51 coalition soldiers have been
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killed in green on blue attacks this year alone. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says the attacks are a very serious threat to the war in afghanistan. a suicide bomber has killed at least nine people in the afghan capital of kabul. a spokesperson for the terror group claimed responsibility for the blast saying a woman wearing a suicide vest blew herself up in protest of the anti-islam film. she drove her small sedan into an aviation bus. it hurled the bus 50 yards through the air. the f.b.i. is investigating vandalism at a mosque in harrisonburg, virginia. it was spray painted with graffiti which includes a reference to iraqis and the phrase "this is america." vulgar graffiti also discovered at a high school and a christian school. local police say it is not clear, however, if that vandalism was directed at muslims or not. from new york to
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california, members of the occupy movement celebrated the movement's first anniversary. crowds were smaller than they were a year ago as activists continue to protest corporate greed. >> but as cbs' randall pinkston reports, the group says it's still fighting for the 99%. >> reporter: supporters of occupy wall street returned to new york's financial district monday to mark the movement's first anniversary. >> we are here. >> reporter: hundreds of activists raised their voices and carried signs hoping to drum up the kind of support they had a year ago. several protesters clashed with police. more than 150 people were arrested as marchers tried to block busy intersections. >> unfortunately sometimes you need to get out of the street, make some noise and really disrupt the morning flow of traffic in order to really get your point across. >> reporter: mark brae is an occupy organizer. he says today's movement is much about fighting foreclosure
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and high student interest rates as it is about greed. >> it's about how corporations and financial institutions have too much power. >> reporter: one year ago this small park in new york's financial district was full of occupy protesters sleeping in tents. this year activist protests are welcome. sleeping protesters are not. some wall street employees say the so-called 99 percenters should occupy washington or just get a job. >> the people unfortunately i feel like they just need to find a home or potentially find work so that they can take care of themselves a little bit better. >> reporter: protesters say they are taking better care of each other all by supporting a national movement they insist is still growing. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. former environmental protection agency administrator rusting train has died -- russell train has died.
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he developed environmental laws which remain in place today and served as the first president of the world wildlife fund's american chapter. he died yesterday at his farm on maryland's eastern shore. he was 92 -year-old old. police in chancellorville, virginia are trying to figure out why a man shot his mother, his sister and then killed himself. it was around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. 43-year-old david anderson shot and killed his 75-year-old mother. then shot his 51-year-old sister twice. she is expected to survive. he then according to police took his own life. this all happened outside of the house that the three of them shared. prince george's county police have arrested a suspect in a weekend murder. 33-year-old michael stewart is now charged with killing his ex- girlfriend brittany mckinley and injuring her friend on sunday. stewart went to a nightclub where mckinley works and the two got into an argument over the weekend. security kicked him out of the
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club. police believe stewart waited for mckinley to pull up in front of her house. he then shot her and the other woman in the car. a bipartisan group of 19 maryland lawmakers wants the u.s. supreme court to review the state's law in collecting d.n.a. samples. the maryland court of appeals struck down the law which allowed police to collect d.n.a. from people charged with violent crimes and burglaries. attorney general doug genzler heads up the group. chief justice john roberts has indicated the high court will probably consider and may even reverse the ruling. today a jury will resume deliberating the fate of a former army ranger accused of killing his roommate and fellow ranger six years ago. prosecutors say glary smith murdered michael mcqueen in their gaithersburg apartment in 2006. smith initially claimed mcqueen killed himself. a jury convicted smith of second-degree murder. the verdict was thrown out in 2011. now he's being retried. a young mother is in jail and her 5-month-old baby is in
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critical condition. 20-year-old monique coachman of prince william county is charged with child abuse. investigators say she was putting the baby to bed when the little girl started crying. she's accused of squeezing the baby tightly several times. later in the day the baby was with relatives when she became unresponsive and was rushed to the hospital. he's accused of torturing two 8 week old kittens. police say the d.c. man declawed them at home and severely injured them in the process. eric gaskin is facing felony charges in the case and investigators believe the cats suffered for at least a week until someone brought them to the humane society. the animals were ravaged by infection by the time they were seen by a veterinarian. >> each one of these kittens' toes were declawed and all of their toes were broken. all four of both kittens' legs were broken. >> both cats ended up having to
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be euthanized. gaskin is due in court next month and if convicted faces up to five years in jail and $25,000 fine on each count of animal cruelty. here's a look at some other things making news now. today top officials with the chicago teachers union plan to discuss their latest contract offer with frank and file members. yesterday a judge refused to issue an order to immediately end the week old strike. if teachers approve the tentative deal, classes could resume tomorrow. thousands of students who live on the louisiana state university campus were forced to evacuate their dorms after a bomb threat was called in. police searched the residential halls with bomb-sniffing dogs but didn't find any bombs. similar threats were received last friday in texas, north dakota and ohio. investigators are not sure if the monday phone call is connected to those. a french court will decide whether to order an injunction stopping the further
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publication of topless photos of prince william's wife kate middleton. a frarch french tabloid printed -- a french tabloid printed pictures of a vacationing kate. the british press has shied away from showing the photos. it is 4:38 the cold front coming through the region. that means severe storms we can expect this afternoon. >> a consumer discount website experiences a slight setback on wall street. we'll have that story at 4:42. >> inspectors find even more cracks on the bridges along the icc. we'll let you know where the latest ones are at 4:49. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning once again. olga breese in for howard bernstein this morning. we'll see bands of rain as we go through the morning and afternoon hours. could develop some strong storms later on today as the cold front pushes closer. we will see our temperatures reach the upper 70s by late afternoon. monika? the northbound side of i-95 here in springfield, everything looks good but down in fredricksburg, two separate accidents on the shoulder now. northbound 95 at route 3 and another one north of route 17 in falmouth. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 4:47. back to you. our time right now 4:41. it is time for the first your money segment ever the morning. >> it's time to take off with jessica doyle. good morning. >> good morning. it was a long, hot summer for some airline passengers. that's not a good thing. the government says the number of long delays in july involving planes that were actually stuck on the tarmac was more than previous eight months combined. 28 planes were waiting on the
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ground for more than three hours that month. 18 of those planes were operated by u.s. carriers. stocks on wall street snap add four-day winning streak. the dow lost 40 points. nasdaq was off by 5 and the s&p 500 was down by about 4.5. shares of groupon does not do well -- did not do well yesterday. they fell 7 after a new survey of more than a hundred merchants found more than a third of them wouldn't do business with the daily deal internet company again. investors are worried the demand for the deal isn't as strong as it was and they have concern abouts groupon itself. shares of groupon have lost about three-quarters of their value since going public last year. an important heads up if a loved one of yours owns a 2012 ford edge. ford is recalling 5500 of these vehicles because of concern the fuel lines can leak and potentially cause a fire under the hood. the problem was caught by a part in the fuel line that could crack. if it did drivers would detect
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a noticeable smell of gasoline. they have two liter engines. ford is sending notices to owners to take their vehicles to a dealer for free repairs. the company is aware of 12 cases of fuel leaks but not reported accidents, injuries or fire. just getting ahead of this thing. >> that is scary. >> yes, it's not a good thing. >> thanks, jess. we heard over the years that abusing alcohol and drugs has been a part of the military culture. we've seen it in movies. troops do it for fun, to ease the stress of war, be a part of the brotherhood. >> but a new report suggests substance abuse among troops and their families has become a public health story. we're back with that story plus your weather first when we return in two minutes.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. a nice gentle rain overnight made olga sleep well but she said there may be thunder boomers later today. >> we're expecting it. the cold front is getting
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closer and closer. it's not going to cross till later on tonight but ahead of is the afternoon commute -- but the afternoon commute could get tricky. gusts expected. right now just a little bit of the gentle rain moving on through. i think that's going to be the case till we get till about the 11:00, 12:00 hour. then we'll start to see is some steadier or heavier rain begin to fall on through. winds today out of the south. that's pumping in the moisture making it feel fairly muggy and bumping up our temperatures. we're sitting in the 60s right now. we should make it to the middle to upper 70s by noontime and then when the showers and thunderstorms arrive in the afternoon, temperatures will start to take a bit of a tumble as we head towards sunset. right now it isn't too bad outside. humidity values are high. most areas are in the upper 60s. because of the cloud cover, you notice that almost the
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temperatures are uniform. they're all within two, three degrees of eve other and that will remain the case the next hour or so we got a little bit after break. the first band went from southwest to northeast. now we are waiting the next river of moisture moving -- arrival of moisture moving on through. with the accumulation of rain, we will have our coastal flood watch. that's covering much of the region along the chesapeake bay heading across the tidal potomac as well but the main concerns today will be the damaging wind and the heavy downpours. here's the timing. at least futurecast believes it could be. this is very inexact but a good representation. by about noontime i think we start to see heavier rain for the panhandle of maryland down to the south toward fredricksburg and richmond. then that band will pass on through. we'll keep our cloud cover into the afternoon so we should look good as you start your evening commute. but it will be wet as the showers will still continue to come down. then as you settle in tonight, evening hours, say 9:00 to
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11:00, another strong band comes through. we're not even done by the midnight hour. we could still see steady rain into the wee hours of your wednesday morning. then things behind the front are looking pretty good as we start to clear things out and even get our temperatures a little bit cooler with that northerly wind flow. highs today will make the upper 70s. not quite close to that 80- degree mark because of our cloud cover but in all we'll stay code yellow today. green for wednesday and thursday and definitely see some pleasant conditions as we head in toward the weekend. the extended seven-day forecast will feature alittle bit of a warm-up. it does look like friday we could see a late day shower. by saturday some evening showers and thunderstorms are possible but temperatures will be returning to the 80s. monika? >> thank you so much, olga. well, overall things are looking good of course. you have the wet road conditions so you want to be aware of that and maybe give yourself a tiny bit of extra time to deal with that. other than that, 66 looks good. we're going to take a live look
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in centreville. no issues to report except you can see the roads are wet. it will create heavier than normal traffic early on this morning. all the hanes are open as you -- lanes are open as you head for fairfax and the beltway. this time to the north side of town. i believe construction on the outer loop near the bw parkway should be clearing up now. your lanes should be open shortly as you travel on the outer loop heading toward college park and silver spring. we'll take a live look near new hampshire avenue and again lanes are open in both directions right now here on the top side of town. i'll be back in a few minutes at 4:55 with more traffic. i have an alert for drivers who use maryland's intercounty connector. inspectors have found more hairline cracks along the toll road. the washington examiner reports the cracks are in three bridges near the vallejo road exit. the bridges will need repairs but are safe for drivers. this is the third set of bridges on the icc to develop cracks in the concrete. and new rules for metro riders
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with bikes. you can take your bike on board without a carrying case during rush hour. while you don't have to have a case, metro says bicycles must stay folded and securely fastened during peak hours. so the bikes don't spring open. standard bikes are still not allowed on weekdays between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning, 4:00 and 7:00 p.m., and during special events when metro is crowded. >> thank you, monika. a new report calls for a different approach to treating substance abuse the armed forces. the recommendation follows a study that found about 20% of active duty personnel drink heavily. >> and more than 11% reported misusing prescription drugs. >> reporter: michael long was shot in the stomach while serving in iraq in 2005. army doctors prescribed painkillers plus anxiety medications for post-traumatic stress leading to another battle. >> i would take twice as much and eventually you're at five, ten times as much as you're supposed to be taking. >> reporter: a new report from the institute of medicine says
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adicks are increasing in the military and that new approaches are needed to prevent and treat substance abuse. the latest numbers show 11% of active duty personnel reported misusing prescription drugs, and almost half are binging drinking. >> for a long time in the military it's been sort of accepted. >> reporter: screening and intervention should be part of primary care and military health professionals need better training. patients also need more access to services that work. >> we're recommending a long- term outpatient approach because this has been found to be more effective. >> reporter: the army discharged long in 2009 after authorities found him with multiple prescription drugs. for the past year, he's been getting help at samaritan village which has a specialized treatment program for veterans. >> i never, never thought i would end up being a junkie, right?
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>> reporter: long says he's trying hard to stay clean but every day is a struggle. cbs news, new york. >> the rising rate of prescription drug addiction in the military is prompting congress to review this now. the department of defense says it is looking into the recommendations and will work on the areas if they need improvement they say. in other health news, cancer has replaced heart disease as the leading cause of death among hispanics in the united states. a new report says it's not because cancer rates are going up among hispanic americans but because heart disease treatments are improving. the study says it's also because most hispanic americans are relatively young, less than 55 years old. heart disease tends to affect older people. counting zs and counting calories. researchers in canada says when it comes to losing weight, getting enough sleep is as important as diet and exercise. >> uh-oh. >> that's because lack of sleep increases the desire to eat
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more and boost appetite regulating hormones. british nutritionists say bread has gotten a bad rap and most of the health alerts about eating bread are myths. they say bread does not cause fatigue, stomach aches and obesity. yeah, right. they also say people who avoid bread are missing out on important vitamins and minerals. >> i do like bread and i don't sleep so i'm really in trouble. >> we're in trouble. it's time for the question of the morning now. >> and it is 90% of the sales of this product are directly attributed to women. bread is not on this list. a is makeup, b, greeting cards, c, shoes. >> what do you think? log on to our facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll have the answer during our 6:00 hour. >> if you give the right answer, you'll have a chance to win a $50 exxon-mobil gas card. yesterday's winner was hyper young. one winner will be chosen every day until friday.
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good deal.
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we have cloudy skies and rain moving on through. quiet around the beltway right now. expecting temperatures to move out of the 60s into the 70s. by the 11:00 hour we could develop showers and thunderstorms through midday. better chance for those storms moving through late in the day. highs today top out in the upper 70s. monika? if you're planning to head on the southbound side of i-270 out of frederick toward 109 to 121 and beyond, traffic looks pretty much like this. all lanes are open. no delays as of yet. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:01. 225 years it's been since the u.s. constitution was officially adopted to replace the articles of confederation.
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mount vernon is celebrating the anniversary by putting george washington's copy of the document on display now. it includes handwritten notes by the country's first president and it will stay on display till his birthday coming up in february. 150 years ago this week, president abraham lincoln issued the preliminary emancipation proclamation to free the slaves. a crowd gathered yesterday to mark the occasion. rascal flatts gets a star on the walk of flame. >> barbara streisand makes a big announcement. we have those stories and more in this look at entertainment. >> reporter: rascoe flats now has his own star on the hollywood walk of fame. the trio has sold 21 million albums and the cadz my of country music named it vocal group of the year seven times.
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barbara streisand is going back on tour for the first time in five years. the 70-year-old legend will perform her greatest hits at the shows. she'll be joined on stage by a jays player. she'll perform in chicago, new york, chicago and las vegas. the beatles, elvis presley and frank sinatra are among the top 40 nominees to be inducted into the american pop music hall of fame. it opens next summer near pittsburgh. >> let it go. >> reporter: indiana jones, the complete adventures comes out on blu-ray dvd today. it includes all four movies and a disk of bonus features. the actress who played indy's love interest in the first and last film knew from the opening day of shooting that she was part of something special. >> i saw the set that had been
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built for us. i thought this is magic. >> reporter: that's your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. we agree we didn't like the last installment of indiana jones. >> the first ones were great. >> thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. hope you still like us. i'm andrea roane. >> happy tuesday. we know you do. we're glad you're here. good morning, monika samtani. we're glad you're here. guess what's coming down the pike later today. >> we've been watching the cold front so it's not like we didn't have a good warning for it but we're trying to work on the timing for you. we want you to know exactly when the steady rain is going to be coming through. so far it's been light to moderate. we're getting a bit of a break right now but things will change later on this afternoon. doppler radar shows we do have steady rainfall in the panhandle of maryland off to the north and west and again the bus stop forecast for this morning does look as though at least the pavement will be wet but the raindrops will not be falling as the kids head out,


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